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This is the newest sport to Ireland, a family friendly combat sport with safe arrows. Like doge ball only using arrows, 2 teams battle it out.

westport-house-adventure-activity-img-2The aim of the game is to shoot all members of the other team and knock them out and knock out the centres of the 5 spot target of the other team. Hide behind inflatable bunkers and other obstacles to protect you. Catch an arrow to let a knocked out team member back in.

During high-season, we schedule 2-3 sessions per day – you can sign up on the day or pre-book in advance by contacting or calling +353 98 26907. Outside of high season, we take are delighted to take advanced bookings on the details above.


  • Age Limit: A fast paced game; suitable for children and adults alike from 8 years and up.
  • Kit Requirements: Please wear runners and comfortable clothes.

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