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Westport Train Tour

Hop on board our fully-enclosed, guided train tour and experience the story of this West of Ireland town throughout the last 300 years.

Relax in comfort with forward facing seats and a brightly-coloured distinctive appearance that kids will adore. In just under 50 minutes explore the grounds of Westport House Estate, Westport Quay and the historic town of Westport and enjoy magical views, quirky facts and fascinating stories about the people who once lived here.

Chugging its way through lush gardens and mature woodlands the train tour takes visitors from the earliest beginnings of Westport town, painting a picture of narrow lanes and alley ways winding their way to the sea, to established gardens, impressive farmyard buildings and out to the Quay, once a bustling centre of commerce and trade supported by the picturesque cut stone stores, mills and customs offices.

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Westport House Estate’s guided train tour is the only tour to cover Westport House and grounds, with the added bonus of sightseeing through Westport town. The guided tour describes a tragic accident that took the lives of 32 young Achill Islanders at the Quay, as well as the devastating impact of the Great Famine. More than 60,000 people flocked to Westport during the famine, swelling the population from just 4500, and the desperate attempts of the Browne family, former owners of Westport House, to help the hungry are described during the tour and through a series of letters from Hester Catherine Browne, the 2nd Marchioness of Sligo, currently on exhibit in Westport House.


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