October 24

What’s New For Winter Wonderland : The Story of Stumpa


You will start your Winter Wonderland 2017 experience with story-time by the fireplace of the gorgeous Drawing Room with a very warm welcome from Mrs Claus who will tell the magical Christmas Story of a very special little tree called ‘Stumpa’. This beautiful story – written and self-published by Westport’s own Nicky O’Dowd – tells of the adventure of a little Christmas Tree growing up to be a big Christmas Tree.

Stumpa is a little, struggling sapling tree and when she finds herself abandoned on a hillside, she is very lonely until some children come and save her.
With the help of Robin, and all the other forest animals, she grows to be the tallest, happiest tree in the garden, which does not go unnoticed by someone very special…

‘The Story of Stumpa’ is available to purchase , so that your kids will be well acquainted with this magical tale, before they hear it with Mrs. Claus.

The amazing author, Nicky O’Dowd, will also be available on select dates for book signings – exact dates to be confirmed.

Buy your copy of ‘The Story of Stumpa’ here…


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