November 1

What’s New For Winter Wonderland: LIVE Christmas Crib


We have a very special and exciting new addition to this year’s Winter Wonderland experience at Westport House. Picture the scene – you are driving in the long, winding avenue into Westport House, with the fresh, crisp air and the feeling that it might snow at any minute. There is a real sense of Christmas magic in the air….

You park the car, walk through the large, cast iron gates and you see the historic Westport House right in-front of you. The scene is one of serenity and calm, until…. you hear a sheep bleating!

Located, on the front lawn, is a LIVE Christmas Crib! This year, will be the very first year that Westport House will be hosting a Live Christmas Crib and we must admit, we are very excited!

Including a live goat, sheep, donkey and alpaca (Yes, an alpaca!), the Live Crib is a fund-raising effort in aid  St. Mary’s Church who are urgently fundraising  for restorative works.

We hope that you will enjoy the animals and any donation will be greatly appreciated (100% of funds gathered will be spent evenly between both churches).


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