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Traditional archery takes years to master, but you can get a good start by learning from the experienced instructors at Westport House.

Ready, aim, fire - archery at Westport House.

Ready, aim, fire – archery at Westport House.

Our Adventure Activity Centre will provide 60 or 30 minutes of archery instruction which will teach the participants the practice of propelling arrows with the use of a bow to hit a target. While it has historically been used for hunting, we make it a purely recreational activity at Westport House. You’ll be in the ideal location in Westport House to try your hand at this fun sport!

If you have participated in any archery events before, then you are probably already familiar with some of the popular competitions. Our instructors have experience with field archery derby, archery leader, and other types of traditional archery events. When you learn from trained professionals, you can improve your skills quickly in a safe environment.

Archery sessions are scheduled daily. You can book on the day or it is possible to pre-book by emailing or book online here.


  • Age Limit: 8 years old

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