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From strength and toning to dance and aqua, all of our classes are a fun and inclusive way to improve your fitness. If you like your exercise to have a social element, our classes are the way to go!

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Whatever goals you’re working toward, big or small,
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Through a combination of meditation, breathing, endurance and stretching, improve your strength, balance and flexibility with one of our expertly taught yoga classes. Proven to benefit your physical, mental and emotional health, allow our instructors to guide you through a range of easily adaptable yoga postures and incorporate this core-building, heart boosting exercise into your routine.



Using slow, precise movements and controlled breathing, improve your flexibility, strengthen your postural alignment and promote weight-loss by engaging all your muscles in this full-body workout. Through a series of efficient but graceful movements, you will achieve the most out of every exercise following our first-class instructors and the 6 Pilates principals; centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow. From beginners to intermediate, there’s a Pilates class for all levels.

Express Classes


A highly effective workout for building muscle, burning fat and toning the body, our Express Cardio and Express Tone classes offer HIIT style exercises providing high impact training over a short class period. Involving brief bursts of energy, cardio and full body movements, interspersed with brief recovery, our Express Classes are adaptable to all fitness abilities and a great option to just get a quick but effective workout done during a busy day.

Step Aerobics


A high-impact exercise class involving you, a step, some fun music and one of our energetic instructors. Proven to be one of the most effective fitness options for weight-loss, cardio health, toning and coordination improvement, Step Aerobics has all the benefits of a high-intensity cardio workout without putting stress on you joints.



Our MIX Fit classes are a hybrid mix of HIIT, core, strength training, stretching and everything in-between to offer a session of mixed movement-based exercise. Offering a full body workout and incorporating intervals, gym equipment and weights, each high energy class provides an encouraging fitness atmosphere with a personal training touch.

Body Sculpt

Core strength and muscle toning

Sculpt the toned, stronger or leaner body you want in our Body Sculpt classes. By using a series of repetitive movements, this challenging strength and resistance training session uses weights, resistance bands and your own body weight to test your muscles. Focusing on core strength, all fitness levels are welcome to our fun, friendly and active Body Sculpt classes.

Aqua Fit

Water-based resistance workout

Using our swimming pool as resistance, Aqua Fit is an aerobic exercise class that builds strength, flexibility, cardiovascular stamina as well as burn body fat. A gentler approach to land-based movements for muscles, joints and recovering injuries, these effective water exercises place resistance on your workout without straining the body.

Mum & Baby

Designed to look after your postnatal body

Getting back into exercising after the birth of a baby can be daunting but don’t worry, our team of expert instructors are here to help you feel strong and confident in your exercises and yourself. Through a series of gradual strengthening, endurance, and flexibility movements, combined with the welcoming environment of like-minded new mums, join this positive, encouraging community and take some time for you – babies welcome!

Seasonal Classes

Change it up!

Try out a new class throughout the year and test your fitness in one of seasonal offering classes. Keep an eye on our class timetable for new fitness offerings!

Seasonal Classes

Change it up!

Try out a new class throughout the year and test your fitness in one of seasonal offering classes. Keep an eye on our class timetable for new fitness offerings!

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