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Sections of restored pathway in stunning summer sunshine

Gardener’s Blog #9 — Woodland Trails and Loops

Paths of Glory Is there anything nicer, or more therapeutic, than strolling through mature woodland? No matter what the season, woodland walks lift the spirits – the trees’ ancient boughs calm busy minds, their towering trunks dwarfing our worldly worries. Sylvan balm for the soul.  Depending on your starting point wheather its from the Hotel Westport Bridge entrance, The Quay Entrance or entering from Westport House the new 3.5km looped […]

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Gardeners’ Blog #8 — The Gardens at the Front of Westport House

Notes from the front The front steps leading up into Westport House have always been the most prominent aspect of the estate – first impressions were terribly important in the Georgian era after all! Over the past century, the gardens had somewhat lost their way, with the various additions and alterations distorting the landscape design that had been originally intended. Trying to get back to the original concept would mean […]

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Gardener’s Blog #7 – The Riverside Walk

Walk of life One of the most striking aspects of the Westport House Estate is the beautiful Carrowbeg River that slides through the grounds down to the sea. Graceful and life-giving, its presence is inextricably bound up in the house’s history. Westport House itself was built in 1730 on the ruins of an old castle belonging to the Pirate Queen, Granuaile, and in the decade that followed, the house’s architect […]

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3 The teirs exposed at last (1)

Gardener’s Blog #6 – The lost Italianate Terraces

It’ll end in tiers During my college years, I worked on the Westport House estate each summer, slowly getting to know all its incredible nooks and crannies. As time went on, I gained a deep understanding of the historic fabric of the estate, especially from the previous generations whom have worked the grounds, namely the late Lord Altmont and local man Tommy Heraty of Sandyhill. Tommy’s time Tommy has worked […]

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Gardener’s Blog #5 – The Woodland

Nurturing nature’s giants: Woodland Preservation & Regeneration Autumn is all about trees, the colours of their leaves turning gold and crimson before falling to the ground for you to crunch underfoot (or roll about in, depending on your energy levels!). The broadleaf hardwoods are responsible for this vibrant seasonal display, and here at Westport House, we are lucky enough to have lots and lots. Visitors love to stroll around the […]

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Gardener’s Blog #4 – The Italianate Gardens

A dramatic and colourful Italian opera The Italianate Gardens of Westport House lie in what is now known as the West Lawns, and they are being painstakingly restored so that they can dazzle visitors once more. These gardens were originally created as an integral element of the Italianate Terraces in 1915, allowing the house’s residents and visitors to ‘take the air’ in a refined fashion. No need to worry about […]

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Westport Hse_DSC01954 (2)

Gardener’s Blog #3 – The Rose Garden

It’s All Coming Up Roses The rose garden is situated in the beautifully terraced south-facing side of Westport House. The sunken rose gardens gradually taper in a terraced fashion down to the basement level of Westport House. This sunken-terrace effect provides a peaceful and sheltered space in which to enjoy the 180 vibrant red rose plants that we have planted. We chose ‘Rosa Alec’s Red’, a wonderfully fragrant variety that […]

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WH Gardens_DSC9753

Gardener’s Blog #2

The Restoration of the West Terrace Gardens The weather has been glorious recently and it’s not surprise to see everyone out and about in their gardens getting them looking their very best. We’re no different here in Westport House & Estate, if on a slightly larger scale! Realistically as everyone knows though, tending to a garden is a year round affair and we’re very happy right now that we’re starting […]

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Gardener’s Blog #1: Introducing the Team

Welcome to our new monthly look at the gardens of Westport House & Estate! I’m delighted to be able to bring you a glimpse at all the exciting new developments across the house and estate over the coming months – it’s going to be a busy time for us all – and a very exciting one – we can’t wait for everyone to see what we have planned. For everyone […]

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