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lord sligo

From Westport House to the West Indies

‘CHAMPION OF THE SLAVES’ Author ANNE CHAMBERS writes about 2nd Marquess of Sligo and his fight against slavery in the West Indies. ‘Slavery has divided society into two classes: to the one it has given power, but to the other it has not extended protection. One of those classes is above public opinion and the other below it; neither one therefore is under its influence.’ Lord Sligo, Governor General of […]

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Main Estate Aerial Shot (Shelly Edit) (1)

Things To Do in Westport Summer 2020

Westport is the only place for your post-pandemic staycation this summer. With the easing of the toughest restrictions just around the corner, Hotel Westport has put together the ultimate socially distant staycation packages for those chomping at the bit to get beyond their 20k and reset the rest of their summer in style. Those coping with cabin-fever or simply ready for some new experiences – remember those – need to […]

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collabo announcement

Discover the West of Ireland Like Never Before

Restrictions lifted – ready, set, West! Discover the West of Ireland Like Never Before at Hotel Westport! Cian’s of Bridge St. Pop-Up Restaurant Experience All-new Family Bush Camp Socially Distant Staycation Offering Clew Bay Bike Hire Partnership for the Ultimate Fresh Air Activity 26 May 2020: Hotel Westport, located on the stunning Westport Estate is the only place for your post-pandemic staycation this summer. With the easing of the toughest […]

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Westport Estate is Blooming

While the world seems to have been put on pause, the Gardens and Grounds at Westport House have been blooming and flourishing and we can’t wait to share all the beauty with you #WhenWeTravelAgain. In the meantime check out some of the fab photos from recent weeks:   We celebrated Darkness into Light 2020, even though we couldn’t all walk together like we normally do Some local spread some happiness […]

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Hotel Westport’s Guacamole

Why not make your own chips to go with this tasty Guac! Cut wholemeal, seeded or plain tortilla wraps, sprinkle with some sea salt and grill each side. Leave to cool and serve with this delish Guacamole and some sour cream!  -2 AVOCADOES -2 FINELY CHOPPED SHALLOTS -1 LIME JUICE -1 BUNCH OF FINELY CHOPPED CORIANDER -1 PINCH OF CUMIN -1 PINCH OF CAYENNE PEPPER -1 TBSP OF YOGHURT -SALT […]

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summer nature walk

Fun With Nature: Week 3

Why not use your daily walk to further your children’s interest in nature? In this weeks edition of fun with nature, we look at ways to make your daily exercise walk more fun and interesting. Photo Credit: Total Shape  Digital Scavenger Hunt In addition to learning how to take a picture, kids stand to learn a lot from this simple techie twist on I Spy. By matching objects to […]

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Fun With Nature: Week 2

Don’t let the rain stop you and your little ones experiencing Nature and having fun with it. Here are some creative ideas that you can do indoors: Build a Terrarium A terrarium is a completely self-supporting ecosystem. The plant life replenishes the air with oxygen, light shining through provides the light and power source, and water comes from the moisture in the soil. As the dead leaves fall off, they […]

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kids playing in nature

Fun With Nature: Week 1

Although this is a tough time on everyone. It can be a time where you get your children to alight their imagination, get them back into nature and get them to see that they can make fun out of those things that are free to us, rocks, water, flowers and dirt! That’s why we will be sharing our weekly “Fun with Nature” ideas to help you and your kids enjoy […]

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Westport House Covid-19 Closure Notice

In line with government advice, Westport House (the historic house itself)  is now closed to the public and it will remain closed until July 20th. If you have pre-booked a ticket or an event, our team will be in contact with you soon regarding refunds or re-booking.   **GROUNDS OPEN TO WALKERS** We are delighted to be able to keep the grounds open for walkers to enjoy and get some respite […]

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Westport House – Chocolate Brownie Recipe

These are a real treat for the whole family. Simple and great fun to make. Create these as a part of your perfect Afternoon Tea, or why not with some ice-cream for a yummy dessert. This recipe makes about two trays and anything up to 30-35 pieces, so if you prefer just half the below to make one tray. Why not use the trimmings to make cake pops from them […]

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