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Cian’s Apple Cake

Community spirit is at the heart of Westport, as local businesses come together during these unprecedented times. The owner and head chef of Cian’s on Bridge Street, Cian Hayes, will be opening a pop-up restaurant experience in Hotel Westport on 3rd July: Cian’s at Hotel Westport. Bringing a unique take on the menu ordinarily served at his award-winning restaurant to Hotel Westport, the pop-up will take advantage of the large […]

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PEar Bakewell Pie Holder

Pear Bakewell Pie

Ingredients: 450 g shortcrust pastry 100 g unsalted butter (at room temperature) 100 g icing sugar 100 g ground almonds 8 pears halved 25 g plain flour 2 large eggs 50g flaked almond Apricot jam (to glaze) Method: Grease a 12” tart tin or 1 muffin tray and pre-heat oven to 180°C. Roll out the pastry and line the tart tin or muffin tray and trim the edges. In a bowl […]

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Yeast Bread Holder

Hotel Westport’s Yeast Bread

INGREDIENTS – 2 lb of bread flour (strong) – 2 oz of fresh yeast – 6 fl oz of milk – 6 fl oz of cold water – 6 fl oz of warm water – 1 TSP of salt – 1 TBSP of sugar – 1 egg – 1 oz of melted butter – egg wash – Flavour options: Onion, Bacon, Poppy Seeds, Nuts, Tomato, Basil, Parmesan etc. METHOD – […]

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Westport House Financier Recipe

A financier is a small French cake, often associated with friands or friandises, which can indicate all kinds of small sweet ‘pâtisserie ou pièce de confiserie’. The financier is light and moist and contains almond flour, crushed or ground almonds, or almond flavouring. For our Afternoon Tea Financiers, we use ground almonds. Ingredients: 30g almonds ground 30g flour 2 egg whites 80g icing sugar 50g butter 1 vanilla pod   […]

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Coconut scones

Hotel Westport’s Coconut Scones

Enjoy these delicious scones with some clotted cream and jam.     Ingredients  1 lb od Self Raising Flour 4 oz of Butter (flora) 4 oz of Caster Sugar 2 Large Eggs 3 fl oz of Milk Coconut Flakes Method In a bowl place flour, butter and sugar mix together until you get something that resembles breadcrumbs Add in the eggs and milk and mix together to make a dough […]

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Westport House Madeline’s Recipe

Bake a batch of these buttery little French cakes to have as part of your perfect Afternoon Tea. The recipe makes approx 36 Madeline’s and while they are best fresh, they can be frozen. But if you prefer a smaller batch just half the below recipe. We believe you can never have enough of these tasty little cakes. Ingredients: 225g sugar 30g brown sugar 270g flour 10g baking powder 1 […]

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Easter Dark Chocolate Tart

Hotel Westport’s Easter Dark Chocolate Tart

Planning your Easter Sunday Lunch? This tart is perfect for dessert. It’s easy to make and is beautifully rich and decadent. You could even decorate with mini Easter eggs if you want to make it a real Easter treat. Ingredients CREAM CHOCO FILLING – 200 ml OF CREME FRAICHE – 200 ml OF CREAM – 300 g OF DARK CHOCOLATE – 1 ESPRESSO – 1 TSP OF VANILLA – 2 […]

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Westport House – Chocolate Brownie Recipe

These are a real treat for the whole family. Simple and great fun to make. Create these as a part of your perfect Afternoon Tea, or why not with some ice-cream for a yummy dessert. This recipe makes about two trays and anything up to 30-35 pieces, so if you prefer just half the below to make one tray. Why not use the trimmings to make cake pops from them […]

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