Yes.. you read that right! We have made the move over to Snapchat!

With so much going on here at Westport House on a daily basis, from small to large events, birds of prey shows, tours of the house, the excitement of the Pirate Adventure Park, the scenery of the Great Western Greenway and parklands on the esatate, we felt that, with so much amazing things to show you, the best way to do that was to take the plunge and get on Snapchat!

You will get a ‘behind the scenes’ look at all that goes on here at Westport House – that sometimes Facebook and Instagram just can’t show (as hard as we try!). We will give you our top tips on what to do when visiting Westport House, we will show you the people who make everything happen (our wonderful staff) and we may even have a Snapchat competition or two! 😉

So come on, take a screen shot of our snapchat icon or add us using our username @westporthouse to get a glimpse of all the action!


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