Your Wedding Planning Guide, Week 4 – 3 Months To Go


If you have been following our Wedding Planning Guide up till now, you should be fairly organised, Go You!

At this stage, you are probably down to your last few months before the big day. so let’s just recap on everything we have already covered:

  1. Budget
  2. Guestlist
  3. Venue
  4. Ceremony 
  5. Band Photographer
  6. Videographer
  7. Pre-Marriage Course
  8. Register Intent to Marry 
  9. Wedding Dress appointments
  10. Wedding Cake
  11. Bridal Party
  12. Ceremony/ Venue Decor
  13.  Honeymoon
  14. Bridesmaid Dresses
  15. Flowers
  16. Hair and Make-up
  17. Transport
  18. Hen/ Stag Party (Very important information!) 


Ok so let’s start the countdown –  3 months to go:

Wedding Rings

It’s surprising the number of people that leave this till the last minute but its something that can be done as early as you want. It’s a good idea to get your engagement ring cleaned around this time as well so the new shiny wedding ring looks great against it.

*Top Tip – go back to where you or your future hubby/wife bought your engagement ring and speak with them about whether or not they can offer you a discount seen as you are now willing to buy two more rings from them. 


Wedding Dress Alterations

It’s a good idea to get these appointments booked in now. They will advise you on how long before the wedding they will want to see you they usually leave it till around 6 weeks beforehand and you could have your last appointment a few days before your wedding, as a lot of brides tend to lose weight or put on weight in the lead up to their big day from stress or being so busy (but this won’t happen you as we got you covered)

*Top Tip – Usually the supplier who you bought your dress from will provide you with a list of recommended dressmakers, usually, they have one that they would highly recommend. There is a reason for this and its a good idea to trust them. Going to a good dressmaker and going to a dressmaker who specialises in Wedding dresses is a big difference s choose wisely, after all its as important as choosing your dress.


Groom & Groomsmen Suits

You might have already looked at suits or decided what ones you wanted. But usually, there’s not as much panic on these as most Menswear have a good supply or can order in exactly what you want in a matter of weeks. 


Arrange Food Tasting and Decide on Menu

Your venue will more than likely already been in touch about this but if not you need to arrange this tasting in the next few weeks. It’s up to you whether or not you want to bring friends or family along with you, usually, the hotel adds an extra price for this. It could also be the case that there may be too many opinions and you just want you and your partner there. you might also have an idea of what you will choose but be sure to try everything you want as you may be surprised. Also, listen to their advice on the wine pairing, again I cannot stress that their experience is so valuable.

*Top Tip – Don’t go hungry, when you’re hungry you might think everything tastes great. But you don’t want hunger clouding your judgment.


Vaccines for your Honeymoon

If you need vaccines for your honeymoon now is the time to start planning them. Talk to your doctor, they will advise you based on your destination. Check out the HSE Website for more information on travel vaccines.


Song Choice 

This is one of the most exciting part of planning your big day it gives you a chance to both choose what songs represent you best as a couple and mean the most to the both of you, set aside an evening to listen and choose which songs you want, you will be going down memory lane before you know it. Remember if your getting married in a church check with your priest on whether or not he wants to see the song list. Also, check with the venue to see what kind of sound system they are using for your entrance song.


Stay tuned for next weeks guide as we continue our countdown …2 Months to go! Happy Planning ??

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