Your Wedding Planning Guide, 2 weeks to go

Keep Calm, your 2 weeks away from the most magical day of your life! At this stage it’s only the last minute bits to do, don’t go getting any ideas about starting a new diet, changing skincare regime, adding more people to your bridal party (or removing). The plans are in place and we’re here to guide you through the last few deets…

Bride under the Angel of Welcome at Westport House

Collect Wedding Dress

By now you should have your dress altered and are happy to collect your dress at your last fitting. It’s a good idea to have your final fitting 2 weeks before the big day in case there are any last-minute nips or tucks that need to be made it’s giving you plenty of time. If you are 100% happy with it then happy days tie to bring it home. When collecting remember to have as much space in the back of your car as possible so best not to bring the whole bridal party depending on your dress you may need to let the back seat down and transport it that way. When you get it hoe try and keep it hanging up in a room where it has space maybe lay the trial out and keep the curtains closed. Your dressmaker will be able to advise you on best storage anyway.

Finalise Seating Plan

At this stage, you should have all RSVP’s and an idea of what your final numbers are. Check your contract with your venue on what date you need to provide them with final numbers, it’s usually 3 days before the wedding. Let your wedding coordinator know your current numbers so as to plan your seating accordingly. If you plan on having place cards now is the time to get these ready.

The Long Gallery at Westport House

Visit Venue

You can do this the week before your wedding also but it’s good to have it out of the way once you have your final numbers. Make sure to bring with you your venue music, if you’re having entrance songs or a song played for your first dance. It’s really important to soundcheck these files with your wedding coordinator on your visit and to provide them with a USB or backup of the songs. Go through all placements here we, cake, band, and timings or everything. If you are bringing toiletry baskets/ place cards/ wedding favours now is a good time to drop of everything so its at the venue and ticked off your list.



Write Speech / Vows

If you plan on saying a speech, wheater you want to write it down or wing it on the day its a good idea to get thinking of what you want to say. Remember it’s your wedding speech or no speech its completely up to you! 

Pack for Honeymoon

Especially if you are jetting away soon after your wedding, the last thing you want to be at is running in and out of Pennys the day before your honeymoon, you will be tired enough after your wedding, be prepared!  


Tune in next week for the 1 week countdown!


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