Rock Painting

We’ve all seen the beautiful Painted Pebbles found around Westport lately, they have really lifted peoples spirits.  On your walk get your kids to pick out whatever rocks, stones or pebbles that they are attracted too. When you get home to get them to sit down and paint them, don’t give too much instruction let them be creative. Afterwards, you can keep them in a lunchbox or use them for decorating the garden, like adding them to your Garden Curtain, which we made in Week 1. Or on your next walk why not hid them for others to find, it might just put a smile on someones face! 

Make Shadow Prints
Place a piece of dark coloured paper on a sunny windowsill and leave different objects that you found on your walk on top of the paper. After several hours, the sun will fade the paper leaving silhouettes of the objects.

Make a Nature Bracelet
All you need for this simple craft is tape! Wrap a piece of masking tape around your child’s wrist sticky side up, and head out for a nature walk. As you explore, have your child find different items to attach to the tape to make a bracelet. Different flowers, leaves, and even grass all make great additions!

Nature Colors

Take a walk with your child and gather a variety of colorful items that can be found in nature (such as flowers, plants, leaves, weeds, etc.) The more colors you can find, the better!When you return home, spread out your findings and have your child draw a picture of each item on a piece of paper using crayons that match the color of each. This simple activity is a great way for your child to learn his colors, and to see how colorful nature can be!



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