Spring Cleaning 101 – Part 3 – Cleaning & Polishing Stainless Steel

Ice cream seems to have become a daily ritual in this house. A bonus of this little pleasure is that it seems to smooth over almost all the disagreements which have occurred throughout the day, most especially as everyone is getting a little bored of each other’s company.

The only disadvantage to the creamy deliciousness is that tiny hands and lips tend to slobber its gloopy melted mess all over every surface including the poor dog. Easily mended on all surfaces with a quick wipe excluding my four-legged furry friend, (which the kids will only delight in giving a bath to as this mean messing with water, Again) and the fridge which happens to be stainless steel.

All along the side of her towering silver façade is the evidence of small (and not so small) sticky fingers. Like a lot of houses these days, no one seems to use handles for opening anything. Wiping it only serves to slather the gloop along the surface even further.

Fantastically however there is a very easy solution, a little hot soapy water, and a lint free cloth first to get all the dirt off. This is great at removing grime; however, it leaves the surface very dull. Believe it or not, all that is needed to bring back its former glory and leave it looking as good as new is some good old-fashioned baby oil. Simply dab a little onto a clean, lint free cloth and wipe over the entire area making sure to remove any excess, then buff to a shine. Sticky residues be gone and welcome back, shiny newness. This same method works great on just about any stainless-steel or brushed steel surface.

Top Tip: Baby oil is very useful at repelling water and will therefore slow down staining. Very useful on a steel fridge with a water or ice dispenser.

N.B; Always use a lint free cloth, otherwise little fibres will stick to the surface. Old cotton pillowcases are great for this and mirrors too if you are in a polishing frenzy.

The adorable partners in crime and their beloved friend enjoying yet more ice cream on the shores of Lough Mask. It’s a good job there’s no shortage of baby oil in the shops or we would be doomed in this house, plus we may as well enjoy all that this bout of amazing weather brings, sticky finger prints and all.

Mol an óige agus tiocfaidh sí.



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