This week we are gone a little crazy for Leaves! While they are generally easier to collect and have much more vibrant colours in Autumn, there’s no reason we can’t use them to have fun in summer too! Below are some great ideas that will show your littlies that sometimes the most fun things can be free to us! 

Stick Fairies  

We spotted these Stick Fairies on 

What a great idea, again fun can be had during your daily walk picking up all the things you will need to ake your Stick Fairy. Then it also keeps your little ones happy when you get home while they get creative and make them.

What you need:

Good quality craft glue
Permanent markers
Other natural materials

Leaf Printing

Another fun idea that can create fun both indoors and outdoors is leaf printing. Collect the biggest, best-looking leaves and then bring them back inside. All you need is some paint and white paper and don’t forget protective clothing!

Leaf Preserve

If you have some leaves leftover, here how you can preserve them to make some other fun designs out of them:

What you will need:

Glycerin (We found ours in the first-aid section of our local pharmacy)
Two baking dishes, containers, or trays that can stack together


1. Place your leaves in one of your containers. (We used a large plastic storage container.)

2. Mix 1 part glycerin and 2 parts water. (Since we used a fairly large container, we mixed 1 cup of water and 1/2 cup of glycerin.)

3. Pour the mixture over the leaves.

4. Stack the second container on top of the first container so that it keeps the leaves submerged in the mixture.

5. Let the leaves soak for at least 3 days.

6. Remove the leaves from the mixture and blot them dry with a paper towel. Then let them completely dry.







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