Spring Cleaning 101 – Part 4 – Grass stains in clothes

There is nothing so glorious as the smell of freshly cut grass. It is one of those smells that takes you back to those fabulous happy childhood memories, the ones that completely transport you. Some folks might see grass cutting as a chore, including me. However, I must admit that I love the fact it is a chore which allows the kids to get involved and I can, therefore, spend more time with them. It also gives me the chance to admire all that is going on in the garden as it changes from week to week, in between the millions of assorted and amusing questions. The one thing I do not enjoy from this job is the grass stains on tiny little knees and elbows. I remind myself each time I am cursing the stains that I must remember for next time to dress double trouble in darker clothes, but this has never actually materialised. Anyhoo, there is no point getting upset over spilt milk, right.

 All is not lost; grass stains can be removed with a little early intervention. Simply fill a sink/basin with some water and add your detergent as directed on the packaging. Leave to soak for at least 20 minutes or so to allow the detergent to penetrate the fibres. If your clothing is white or lightly coloured, you can also add white vinegar at this stage which can help lift a stain. Pop the item in your normal wash, following the washing instructions on the label. It is very important to check for any remaining grass stains once the wash cycle has finished and repeat the process if necessary, as drying clothes before checking will result in setting any remaining stains in. This I learned the hard way.  The hardest part of this whole process is trying to remove the stained clothes from two wiggling, giddy mini terrorists who continuously ask why they must change their clothes, yet again. At least the garden looks great!

Top tip: The earlier you spot the grass stain and get it treated, the better the outcome. This process works great on a whole other host of stains which might be particular to small muddy, giggling occupants in your house.

Bread soda combined with vinegar into a paste and applied directly to clothing is great for removing sweat stains from clothing. Particularly useful for any of you who have been busy bees’ building patios or renovating & painting in this amazing weather.

 N.B. Always check the label before treating any garments. Best to avoid adding the vinegar to any coloured items as it may cause colour to run.

Is fearr an tsláinte ná na táinte.




Madeleine Dermody Assoc CIPD | MIASI

Madeleine has qualifications in both Management and Human Resources and is our Accommodation Manager in Hotel Westport. Madeleine sits on the board of the National Council of the Irish Accommodation Services Institute. In her spare time, she loves to spend time with her family whilst gardening, hiking, farming, or fishing.





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