Sensory Day at the Pirate Adventure Park

Join us for a relaxed day of family fun at the Pirate Adventure Park on August 27th.

You’re invited to our FREE sensory-friendly day, where families with children with sensory processing difficulties are welcome to enjoy the Pirate Adventure Park in a comfortable and accepting environment. 

Sunday, August 27th from 12pm to 6pm

The Climbing Wall at the Pirate Adventure Park

The Climbing Wall at the Pirate Adventure Park

Pirate Adventure Park Log Flume

Our famous Pirate’s Plunge Log Flume

Free Entry 

We are delighted to announce the return of our Sensory Day on August 27th. Families with children with sensory processing difficulties are welcome to come and enjoy a calmer, slower day with us – and ON US.

That’s right, your family’s visit will be complimentary. We will turn down the music and reduce the queue times by only allowing those presenting with a family member with autism or a sensory processing disorder to use the Pirate Adventure Park*.

* Please note that Westport House will be open to the general public but the Pirate Adventure Park will not.

* We ask that you please bring along with you a letter from your GP stating the disability or any other letter that states same. We will also accept a membership card for a relevant charity or support group.

Interactive Gaming Zone

Heard about our newest attraction? Meet the Interactive Gaming Zone. 

A life-sized video game experience where the world of digital gaming meets sports and active play, our Interactive Gaming Zone creates an immersive playground using interactive walls. 

Guaranteed fun for all ages and abilities, entry to this fantastic new attraction is FREE with all Pirate Adventure tickets for this season only.

Be sure to check it out during your visit.  

The Interactive Gaming Zone, Westport House's newest attraction

The Interactive Gaming Zone, Westport House’s newest attraction

Register Your Attendance

While your Sensory Day visit is FREE, we ask that you please pre-register with us using the form below so we know who and how many guests to expect.

Swan Pedalos at Westport House

Swan Pedalos at Westport House

Preparing for Your Visit

To help you best prepare for your visit, we invite you to check out our Park Sitemap and review height restriction information.

Pirate Adventure Park Map

Pirate Adventure Park Map

Disability PolicyOur Disability Policy and Guide to Westport House has been developed in partnership with ClanBeo. This is based on a policy of inclusion and the following approach:

  1. WELCOME – We do our best to make people feel welcome and understood at Westport House. We want you to get the very best from their Westport House experience. Introduce yourself when you arrive at our Ticket Office, House or Information Point, we are looking forward to meeting you.
  2. UNDERSTANDING – We train our staff to understand the general challenges that people living with disabilities face. We trust you to help us understand if there are any personal considerations that we need to keep in mind.
  3. PREPARATION – Just like each of our guests we do our best to get things right first time. We might need a little time to prepare so that everyone’s experience will be a safe one. Check our adventure park map in advance and contact us if you there is anything you are not sure about.
  4. PERSONAL SUPPORTS – We work everyday to make sure the different experiences are safe and enjoyable for all of our guests. Please bring with you the personal assistance needed to allow each guest to enjoy the attractions safely.
  5. ONE STEP AT A TIME – We are a very old site that will take some time and imagination to introduce new best practice accommodations that will help everyone experience every aspect of Westport House.

Share Your Suggestions

We want to hear from you!

Westport House disability policy and best practices has been developed in consultation with ClanBeo and our Westport House Guide for Visitors with a Disability can be accessed here. 

We would be very grateful if you would share any feedback or suggestions for improvement with us so we can understand what we can do better. 

If you have some suggestions or comments on what else we could include in our policy or questions in advance of your visit for the Sensory Day, please email us at [email protected]

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